Go for Goals

As we talk about preparation this month one topic that often comes up is goals. Yes, with this new year and our monthly topic goal setting comes up a lot, whether we’re thinking about a goal because it’s a new year and we’re creating a resolution or we’re just at a point in time in our life journey that we’re looking to a new horizon or stage in our life. There are a couple secrets to setting and, even better, accomplishing your goals, so I thought I’d share them with you today.

1-your end goal has to be clearly defined and something you can accomplish. “Making more money” is not a goal that can be worked towards easily because it’s too big, too open, to undefined, and it’s not something you’ll feel able to work towards and feel a sense of accomplishment. “Increase my income by 5% this year” is a clearly defined goal, and it’s not too much that it’s impossible to accomplish in a reasonable amount of time.

2-set up mini goals along the way. Something I always do with my clients is celebrate the steps and stages we’ve reached. Let’s say your goal was to lose 50 pounds, and the first stage/step was to lose 10 pounds. So when you reached that goal it would be time to celebrate, but not at the expense of lost progress (no super extra greasy, extra large burger dinners). Maybe a shirt that fits your new shape better, a movie or play you’ve wanted to see, a book you’ve wanted to read or some other small reward to celebrate the fact that you’ve reached the first step successfully. Why? Because it motivates you to keep going.

3-have goals that matter to you. I feel that this is one of the reasons our resolutions fail: we don’t really have an emotional attachment to changing and working to accomplish that goal. If you don’t really care about a goal you won’t do whatever it takes to get there, and you won’t get there or won’t be happy with the end result. You may be able to find the motivation and passion for the goal through inspiration from someone else, but ultimately it has to become something you care about.

4-take action! This is hinted at in #2, but should be said. Goals are great, but goals are only dreams until you put feet to them and get going. Without action you’ll never accomplish them and they’re not worth much. Until you create a plan for how you’re going to accomplish the goal and start taking action on each step you’ll never get to the fulfillment of the goal and ultimate celebration.

So if you’re the type to set resolutions or you’re working towards some new goals in life, I hope you’ll take time to really consider what you’re committing to and if you’re really committed.


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