The Gift of Today

I love working for myself because no one can tell me what to do or how to see things.  Working a regular job it’s always a requirement for us to follow that specific company’s preferences, accept their opinions and apply their techniques to our work.  To an extent we’re all given the suggestion/recommendation of following social and cultural norms in our lives, some of which are for good reason (like not shooting everyone who looks at you wrong), but others take away from our very individual and unique natures.  I do believe that culture and incorporating it into our lives is an important thing, it gives us a foundation on which to build, people to relate to and guidelines on what people we identify with see as acceptable.

This year I’m really going to try to see life as more of a gift.  We’re so blessed to live in 2015 and be part of the world that exists now, and the incredible freedoms, potential and opportunities within.  Having just finished the annual recommended season of giving it may sound strange to be talking about gifts now, but I was reminded of the Wisemen and their gift giving this past week.  While the Bible seems to line things up immediately, some researchers have come to the conclusion that the Wisemen did not spend any time at the manger, but met up with Jesus and his family after that point in time, giving their gifts to Jesus after the traditional newborn gifting time.

There’s a lesson in this for us, that it’s never the wrong time to give or accept a gift.  Each day we’re given the gift of another day to go about our lives.  We may struggle with physical challenges, emotional and mental discord, or situational frustration, but when we take the time to look at the bigger picture we’re able to see that there’s more to the story; that each and every moment is a gift just waiting for us to open it, even if it’s not the gift-giving season.  So what about you?  Will you give a gift today or accept one?

“They were overjoyed at seeing the star… they saw the Child with Mary His mother… They opened their treasures and offered Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” Matthew 2:10–11


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