Goals of Change

The world that we see as ours is constantly changing.  We change our clothes, our hair, our food, the days and seasons change around us without our say-so and yet we still struggle with change being a regular part of our lives.  I think there are several reasons we struggle with change, things that we need to discuss before we move forward in this year.

Change means we need to see the reality of things: yes, we struggle with accepting the truth about situations we’re in, things going on in the world and where the path we’re on could very seriously take us if we don’t course-correct.  Until we’re willing to open our eyes to the things that go on in this world we can’t pursue change for the better.

Change means we need bigger visions and goals: we tend to like our lives in tidy little packages, but life is so much more than where we currently are.  But in order to get to that “more” we have to believe there is and want more.  It’s challenging to dream big dreams because they tend to intimidate us, but we humans are amazingly resilient and adaptive, and should know by now that we’ll be able to deal with just about any challenge we face with a little support and lots of courage.

Change takes action: this is the part that holds the rest of us back once we’re able to do the dreaming: we get too scared or too intimidated to take action. But, as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, change, and the action to make change happen, doesn’t have to be done all at once. Doing just one thing each day to work towards that change is all it takes to get there eventually.  Your motivation and willingness to do bigger or more steps will mean you get there all the faster.

What are your change goals for this year?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi


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