Learning to Love Me

Are you one of the people who have adopted the title this year of “new year, new you?”  As we’re taking this month to prepare for the year ahead I wanted to talk at least today about a very important concept, one that’s not only holding us personally back, but the world at large as well: the ability to accept and love ourselves.  We’ve seen some people around the world finally embrace this with the spread of non-traditional relationships.  Whether you personally agree with them or not isn’t the point today.  No, the point is that we aren’t a world of robots with all of the same parts, preferences, beliefs, habits and practices.  We’re all different.  While we could debate the “rightness” of different relationships for hours/pages, that’s not my goal or intention today. No, today I want us in our own little bubbles to do a check on ourselves and see how accepting we are of who we are.

My partner and I have been together for more than 5 years (I’m bad with math and dates so that’s a low ballpark) and it feels like as we’ve entered 2015 we’ve, or I’ve, made a another shift in our journey together, towards even more openness.  As people he and I are both open to discussing topics without judgment, open in our personal preferences and needs with each other and generally don’t give each other the pressure to be perfect people or conform to fill a role that we aren’t made for.  But as we go into this year it feels like we’re taking another step in communication, in being together and in supporting each other and our individual needs towards an even better partnership.

Why?  Because we’re getting to the point that each of us individually is even more accepting of who we personally are and in expressing that to the world.  Said simply, because I accept who I am even more than ever and am willing to share that with him (and vice versa), we’re closer than ever. In learning to accept, and even more important love, myself it’s improved the relationships in my life and has opened the world up to me in ways that weren’t possible before.  The more I learn about who I am and my role in this world, and then accept, embrace and love those revelations, the better my life around me gets.

Do you accept who you are, do you love who you are?  If not, today is a great day to start, but don’t worry, we’ll talk about this more in the future as well.

“Learn to love yourself. It’s the great rule for being loving with other people.” Robin Sharma

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