Inspiration for Success

Monday in the US we celebrated the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We take time every year to recognize the efforts and bravery of this man and the countless others who stood with him and demanded a better world and that we treat each other better. I love talking about Dr. King every year because not only was he a brave man with a passion for his dream, he did something that many have failed to do: create a large following of people as passionately invested in what he was pursuing as he was. This month we’ve been talking about being prepared and I believe we can learn a lot on this topic from Dr. King’s life and work.

Dr. King did many things well, starting with having a really great dream. Having a dream gave the need to improve the world for all people including people of color wings. It made the need something more than just a sterile set of goals or to-do’s and turned them into something that people could be passionately involved in. As I shared with my newsletter subscribers this weekend, when life is dull and boring we’re not exactly inclined to get things done. But when we’re inspired things seem to go very quickly.

The other key to Dr. King’s work was that he prepared his people to continue on without him. Even though I’m sure that had Dr. King lived longer the movement would have had even more success, Dr King prepared the people who worked with him to succeed without him. No, you never want to leave your dream in the hands of other people, but it’s a clear sign of success and his wisdom that not only was he able to prepare the people, but they were actually able to succeed without him.

What about you? Are you prepared for the next step in your life or are you just dreaming about it? Learn from the wise Dr. King and give your dream wings.

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