Finishing the To Do List

This month we’ve been talking about being prepared, and while this week has brought me to the point of eagerly anticipating what next month and the rest of the year will bring, we do have a few thoughts on preparation to wrap up. Today I want to talk about something that preparation isn’t really supposed to be or do. I know, when we talk about being prepared we talk about it in the sense of being prepared (as much as possible) for anything and everything, so that we can cross everything off our to-do lists and be huge successes, but that’s not really what your ultimate goal of being prepared should be. Why? Because there will always be something new to add to your list, a new lesson to learn or new challenge to face.

Which of course sounds completely frustrating and really annoying! It would be nice to just be able to get it all done once, right? But that’s not really how life works. Being prepared means that you’re ready for each *new* goal or task, that you’re able to feel confident waking up each *new* day, and that you’re capable of working through the *new* challenges life presents; not that you’ll ever get it all done.

Being prepared does mean that you’ll make a plan for getting things done though. If we really want to grow and have more victories in our lives we need to learn how to be better, how to deal with new situations, know how we deal with and work through things and be able to get a plan in place to deal with the challenges or get things done. When we don’t understand ourselves, don’t make plans and don’t get prepared we’re wasting lots of opportunities for bigger and better and quicker victories. So get to work on that to-do list this weekend, but be realistic about it and make sure to have some fun too.

“You will never get it all done. Ever” Anne Pustil


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