The Power of Love

When God created the world He put a lot of awesome things into it, things that we’ve managed to screw up over the years, sometimes intentionally, other times by accident, and one of those things is love. It’s been turned over, had holes poked into it, been ridiculed, been avoided, been crushed and been exploited all making it very hard to see it for what it really is. As we look this week at love and relationships as part of this month of love and Valentine’s Day this weekend I wanted to look at what love can be.

Love can be a safe haven. After you’ve reached out to God, your partner should be the first person you go to when something happens because you know that your mutual love will support you through whatever happens. You should be confident in the knowledge that at the end of the day no matter what you can go home to your partner and know that they will be there with love.

Love is powerful. Love does have the ability to bring down kingdoms, make people stand in front of a bullet, and save people from choosing suicide or an addiction. When we don’t allow love to be all that it can be, with God and in our world, we’re not able to access its full power, and suffer as a result.

Love should be enjoyed. I’m really sick of seeing miserable couples around the world and on TV. If your relationship is that bad you shouldn’t be in it! You should be in a relationship that makes you want to dance in the rain, sing songs, and tell the world.

Going into this week and weekend I encourage you to check on the one and/or two most important love relationships in your life: that of you and God and you and your partner if you have one. Is the love still there, are you tapping into the power of love, or are you going through the motions?

“But as for me, I will sing about your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about you unfailing love. For you have been my refuge, a place of safety when I am in distress.” Psalm 59:16


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