Saved by Love

I’ve been thinking a lot through this month and as we head into next month about our value in life. We haven’t heard about a lot of suicides in the news recently, but statistics say they happen about every 15 minutes, and every day people who are young die for various reasons including car crashes, diseases and some are just unexpected heart attacks or other unforeseen accidents. You never know when it will be your day to go, and you never know when a day will be your last.

Today as we finish this month discussion on love I don’t mean to talk about living your life to the fullest so you can say you did, but about the incredible opportunity of contributing to someone else’s life. It is important to value your own life and take care of your self mentally, physically and spiritually. But each of us has the opportunity to do more than just live our little lives in our little bubble: we can make a difference for someone else.

There are millions of people around the world suffering with depression, having a bad day, or struggling with a life situation who would be so blessed by a kind word, little gift, or knowledge that someone has been through what they’re going through and survived. You can be the one that brings hope through a shared Facebook post, paying for someone else’s drink at Starbucks, partnering with a local church as a resource for those going through what you’ve been through or writing a blog with your thoughts and encouragements.

You never know, you could save someone’s life today. Who will you encourage?

“You just might be the miracle someone is looking for today.” Mary Morrissey


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