Dealing with the Haters

There are more nasty people in the world than there should be. I met up with a few last week that gave me a beating. As someone who tries to spread peace and love and empower people, to be faced with people who are just looking for a fight is painful in every way. I shared some of my insights with my newsletter subscribers this past weekend as we talked about telling the truth, but today I wanted to share a few thoughts about what to do when faced with these people.

1-avoid them. Yes, you can do this, I’ve done it when I knew that any reaction from me would just stir the pot more, when I’ve needed a break to get my thoughts together, or when there was just no other alternative and to continue further interaction with them would be damaging to my mind or body.

2-not react as they are. Haters usually don’t know what to do with people who don’t react in fear or rage. If you manage to retain your calm and don’t feed their fire they will become disinterested with you and move on to a more interesting target.

3-kill them with kindness. Yes, this means continued interaction with them, but if you aren’t in serious danger and are able to ignore the grenades they throw your way you might have a chance of at least giving them a glimpse of the life they could have, the friendships they could be blessed by and the welcome they could receive in society.

For those of us who don’t live as haters we have to accept that some people’s experiences have scarred them so deeply that that is how they are, they react in hate because they can’t trust the world to love them back. Knowing they’re out there doesn’t make it any easier to deal with them but it does give us the mental wherewithal to deal with them instead of just reacting to them.

“I’ve learned this, that haters wanna hate. You could sing a song perfectly, you could write the songs perfectly, and some people are absolutely going to hate you.” Carrie Underwood


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