Changing with the Changes

This month one of the topics we’ll be talking about is taking action. Whenever you talk about change taking action comes up, and vice versa; change doesn’t happen without action and usually when you take action things change. I was watching one of my favorite historical type shows, History Detectives, over the weekend and saw a segment on Bob Dylan’s guitar, and a moment that changed music forever: when he used an electric guitar rather than an acoustic one at the Newport Folk Festival. It was a major upset for fans of part of the music industry and a career changer for Dylan.

There are people who can’t stand to have things stay status-quo, they’re the people pushing new innovations and inventions and dragging those of us who can’t stand change along with them. Most of us will agree that some changes are good, like some of the technological and housing innovations that have happened over the past few decades. They’ve brought the world closer together and increased the opportunities for each of us in the world.

The choice each of us have is if we’re going to fight the change and keep things alive from the past for those who love that stuff, or if we’re going to be part of the change movement. I’m not one of the first people who head out to make changes or adopt the newest advances, but I do think that it’s beneficial to be aware of and be willing to change. Yes, changes can be scary or intimidating, but I choose to look beyond the fear to the possibilities of what could be. I believe, like Dylan, that there’s a way to stay true to yourself while still making changes, changes that not everyone will like or appreciate, but changes that make you feel more alive or enable you to contribute to the world in a bigger way.  What about you?

“Music changes, and I’m gonna change right along with it.” Aretha Franklin


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