Freedom to Fail

I love spring because it embraces our topic for this year: freedom. Some years it feels like spring doesn’t even send a heads-up message, it just explodes onto the scene and we’re shocked to turn around one morning to find ourselves knee-deep in flowers, sweet smelling green grass and little creatures. It always amazes me that we can go from the bleak world of winter into the passion that is spring, that despite how cold or snowy it was spring is just waiting for the right time to flourish.

In many ways I envy spring: it’s not waiting for more money to show up in the bank account, our partner to sign the divorce papers, to find the love of our life, our kids to head to college or the world to accept us for who we are. No, spring just says “HERE I AM!!” and expects the whole world to join in on its celebration. And many of us do; we dance around the may pole, we buy flowers, we clean things up, and it seems like we start living again. We don’t have to wait for spring to be free though. No, we can choose to try something new, make a change, do something different or live just because today is a great day to be alive.

The challenge comes in knowing that we won’t get it right like spring does every time. We might fail or make a bad judgment call or not fully get there. This is where the challenge of fully embracing freedom comes in. If you’re truly free, if you’re truly embracing freedom in your life you have to embrace that it won’t all be perfect. Spring always seems to get it right, because there has to be rain with the spring or the flowers can’t grow, there won’t be any buds for summer foods and the earth won’t be green. Spring gets it right because it’s open to everything not being sunny days and beautiful blooms.

As we enter into spring this weekend I encourage you to embrace both spring and freedom, all of it, not just the nice parts. You’ll be a stronger person because you did and you’ll find freedom as well.

“Liberty is the possibility of doubting, of making a mistake… of searching and experimenting…” Ignazio Silone


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