The Pursuit of Success

This month one of the things we’ve been talking about has been taking action.  If we want to have success, accomplish our goals or make something of our lives thinking about it will only get us so far.  We have to take action to make our dreams a reality.  But it’s important to remember that before the action there has to be thought.  If we dive in and take action before we’ve really thought about what we want or if we’ve start doing things before we’ve thought about whether our actions will bring us to our goals, we’re wasting our time.  While there’s always an exception to the rule (like if you’ve got a speeding car bearing down on you and you’re about to be killed) generally its important to think things through before taking action.  I always start with making a list of goals and then a plan or two on how to accomplish those goals before taking action.

But once you’ve thought some and made a plan unless you take action you won’t get to your goal.  Goals don’t get accomplished by thinking, they only get accomplished by doing.  So put your plan into action, reach out to people who can support you in making your goals a reality, get and use the necessary supplies, and share your mission with the world.

But inevitably as with just about all action there are bound to be mistakes. When they happen you have to learn the lessons from them and you have to be willing to laugh at yourself.  Don’t let the shame of failing conquer you, instead accept that you’ve failed, laugh at yourself if necessary, discover the lessons, consider your plan and make changes if necessary, and then move forward taking more action.

Where are you in the steps to accomplish your goals?  Have you forgotten an important step?  If so take time to make sure you’re not missing anything in your pursuit of your goals.

“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.
Reba McEntire


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