Finding Purpose

One of those really big life questions is “why am I here?”  It may be the question you first ask each morning when you wake up, because some days life doesn’t seem so understandable, especially if you’re dealing with a low-point in your life like a health, family or work crisis.  But the longer I live and the more experiences I have the more I learn that there are very few random things, and that coincidences aren’t really that but are confirmations and reminders of things we’re supposed to do or lessons we’re supposed to learn, or guidance on directions to go.

I believe that each of us is here with a purpose and for at least one reason.  Maybe your reason isn’t to save the world from bullies or develop a cure to cancer, maybe it’s just to show love to someone or make really yummy brownies.  Those don’t sound like serious purposes, but to someone they mean something important.

I think that finding your purpose or reason for living starts with accepting that you have one, that life isn’t random and we’re not all lemmings just running pointlessly around.  Only when you accept that you have value can that value really begin to develop.

Starting this weekend when you wake up each morning say to yourself that today will be a great day because I’m here.  Choose to live your life, choose to be fulfilled by life, choose to see life as more than an unending to-do list and as a great opportunity.  Choose to make today count.

“Maybe life is random, but I doubt it.”  Steven Tyler


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