Jesus’ Second Chance

Yesterday we celebrated Easter. It’s the day we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross and the victory over the grave and death 3 days later. This weekend I was thinking about a blog post I wrote a year ago, about questioning what it means when we say “He is Risen”. The more I thought about it and the Easter story I was reminded again exactly how important and special Good Friday and Easter are.

While they represent and mean many things, it reveals one very important thing about Jesus: He knows all about second chances. That’s what Easter really is: it represents a second chance for each and every one of us who believe. Second chances are really important things, but they come with a choice: will we stay trapped in the past or will we choose to grab this new opportunity, this fresh start, by the horns and step into a new reality.

Throughout His ministry Jesus showed over and over again that He believed in fresh starts, not staying trapped in the past. As I talked about Friday, while Jesus didn’t want to die and would have preferred to not have to go through that He understood the power of proving to people that they, and we, absolutely have a second chance.

On this Easter Monday I would encourage you to take a good look at your life. Are you hanging back in the Garden hoping and praying to get out of the situation or are you accepting that it’s a new day with new opportunities for success, happiness, fulfillment, relationships and a future that God’s just waiting to build with you as soon as you step forward and grab that second chance?


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