The Tax of Life

It’s that time of year again in the USA, tax time.  And every year around this time the old saying about the only guarantees in life being death and taxes.  The past few months have, as usual had stories in the news about people who almost died but miraculously recovered, people who chose to die, people who died in accidents, people who died of old age and people who died before their time.  For most people you’re either dead or living, there isn’t an in between, and without the help of modern medicine things would be even more black and white.

Just last week we were looking ahead to Good Friday when Jesus died on the cross.  But Jesus’ death was unlike other deaths because His death wasn’t about the end of His journey but really about the beginning.  His death did mean the finishing of how things were, but it was more so about what was yet to come.

When you think about death what you’re really thinking, talking and remembering about is the past. You remember the life that the person lived, who they were, what they did, who they loved, and how they lived.  If it’s an unfortunate or accidental death seemingly before their time we often talk about the life they’re missing because of their death.

The choice we have to make each and every day is how we’ll see it.  We can see it as one step closer to our death and it’s a waste of time to make an effort.  We can see it as one step closer to our death and feel the need to do crazy things.  Or we can see it as one more chance to live life as fully and passionately and purposefully as we can.  How do you choose to live your life?  Are you at peace with what people would say about your life if you died today?

“As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.” Leonardo da Vinci


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