Found by Grace

A topic I come back to time and again is grace. It’s one of those topics like love that can’t be simply defined and is always changing and evolving throughout your experiences and as you learn from and spend time with God. Matt Redman sings a song about grace, you can check it out here, but the lyrics are as follows:

“It’s there in the newborn cry
There in the light of every sunrise
There in the shadows of this life
Your great grace

It’s there on the mountain top
There in the everyday and the mundane
There in the sorrow and the dancing
Your great grace
Oh such grace

It’s there on a wedding day
There in the weeping by the graveside
There in the very breath we breathe
Your great grace

The same for the rich and poor
The same for the saint and for the sinner
Enough for this whole wide world
Your great grace
Oh such grace

There in the darkest night of the soul
There in the sweetest songs of victory
Your grace finds me
Yes your grace finds me

From the creation to the cross
There from the cross into eternity
Your grace finds me, yes your grace finds me…”

There are a couple things we learn from this song about grace. First, that grace exists. Second, that grace is anywhere and everywhere. Third, that God’s grace will find us anywhere we are and in whatever situations we’re in. Finally, grace is for each of us. Grace isn’t something set aside for only some of us only on some days or in some situations, it’s for all of us at all times no matter where we are. What grace do you need today?


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