Challenged by Circumstance

I don’t spend all day watching TV or even do it daily, but I do enjoy it on occasion, typically crime/detective shows. In many of these you find people who have been born into a bad situation and have never been able to get over the imprinting that happened in those years, resulting in crazy chases and serial killers who are reacting to and lashing out because of things that happened in their lives. In many situations they were given opportunities by people in their lives to get out and do things differently, yet they chose to continue down the path of destruction and hurt.  The thing that gets me is how many times these people were given the get-get-out-of-jail-free card or the do-over card and yet they chose to continue with what was familiar to them.

We may not be in similar situations to theirs, but each of us are living in a set of circumstances. Some of us have chosen and created our lives intentionally like entrepreneurs and many parents, others of us are living in the world we were told we could live in or the world we’ve never tried to break out of. I believe that just about all of us have the ability to change our circumstances. If we’re not able to change them, there is something we can change, something that may be even more influential: our attitude.

But today what we’re focusing on is the actual circumstances. If you’re in a bad relationship, get out! If you’re in a job you hate ask your boss for a change of responsibilities or discuss the problem, or find a new job. I get how hard it is to take that first step and make those changes.  So if your life is falling down around you ask for the help you need to change things. Don’t just suffer because you’re too ashamed to ask for help or talk it over with someone, choose to make the changes that are necessary for your happiness.

“Do not let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances.” Jackie Chan


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