Remembering Earth Day

It can be painful to watch someone you love get older. My family has been going through the dementia/Alzheimers journey with my second grandmother now (the other one had it as well and passed away a few years ago). It’s painful to deal with her as she struggles with her grip on reality, and occasionally challenging to deal with family members as questions of the future, care and finances arise. Yes, we all want what’s best for her, but there are so many questions we, and many other family members in our situation have, that we just don’t have answers to.

We don’t know how she really feels, what goes on inside her mind, what would really help her or what we can do to avoid a similar fate. Yes, there are researchers working hard on finding answers, but the way the disease works, we can’t really talk with patients to hear their end of things like you can with so many other diseases and illnesses.

Right now the part of the world I live in is transitioning to spring. There’s new growth everywhere, grass is looking more like grass and Earth Day is just a few days away. It can be hard to put things in perspective seeing all of this life and the dealing with the sickness eating away at my grandmother a little more each day. But there’s struggle in the world too, just look at California and their struggle with water, or the animals that live near places there have been oil spills, or Fukushima and Japan’s struggle with recovery after the tsunami.

As we look ahead to Earth Day next week my encouragement to you would be to appreciate what you have as long as you can, care for it as well as you can and take time to remember the good as often as possible. Spend time in nature with people you care about, make good memories and do all you can to care for the world you, I, and our children depend on for life.


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