Choosing to Live

The celebration of Christmas is long past and the celebration of Easter just past. Both of these were a celebration of the choice that God and Jesus made to come to earth and then to die for our sins. God didn’t have to save us, He could have just wiped the slate clean and started over. But instead Jesus chose to make the public sacrifice of leaving heaven to come and live among us for 30 some years and then die so that we could be forgiven for our sins. I’m sure that there are other ways that this could have been done without all the sacrifices and symbolism, but it would not have meant as much to us or been as special then.

Christmas, Easter and Jesus’ presence on earth means we now have a choice to choose to live life as He did, fully present and passionately, or to live as the Pharisees, stuck in old beliefs and rituals, refusing to see that a new day has dawned. We can choose to remain in judgment, hatred, separation and suspicion, or choose to love until proven wrong, and even beyond that.

The prayer that has stayed with me after the Easter celebrations this week was to live each day. Jesus knew that He had a limited time on earth, and while He had a better idea of when the end would be than we do, that doesn’t mean that we should live live any less fully or openly. I choose to make a contribution to the world rather than keep living on credit, to give when I could ignore, and to care for the world and others when I could leave that up to others with more finances or time. What will you choose?

“Rather than being in hatred, let me be in love. Where there is injury let me bring pardon. Where there is doubt let me bring faith; despair let me bring hope. Where there is darkness let me bring light, and where there is sadness let me bring joy.” Frances of Assisi


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