Praying Prayers that are Heard

One of the phrases you hear frequently in the Bible is “and God heard his/her/their prayer…”  This week all around the US people are gathering for the National Day of Prayer.   The theme this year goes right along with the phrase I mentioned: “Lord hear our cry.” We’re constantly being bombarded by messages and people and companies wanting our attention.  It gets overwhelming so it’s not surprising that we miss out on a lot, which can be a good thing because some of it isn’t worth our time.  So we try to shut some of it out, not usually having the precise control to block only the bad and not miss any of the good.

That’s not the case for God though, He hears all our prayers.  It may seem like He doesn’t, but He’s gone over and above throughout the Bible to reassure both those in Biblical times as well as ourselves as we read the Bible years later that He does indeed hear each and every prayer we pray.  That’s not to say that He’ll fulfill each prayer exactly as we want Him to, but that’s a topic for another day.

Today I want to take a minute to think about two things I’ve mentioned already.  First, in order for God to hear our cry, we have to have a cry in the first place.  How much time do you honestly spend praying each day?  Do you spend as much time praying as you do on social media or are you too busy worrying about what goes on in the world to take time to pray?  The other thing to think about is the question of answered prayer.  Sometimes we need a supernatural touch, and sometimes God sees fit to send it.  Other times God’s waiting for us to get off our butts and make things happen.  We’re not robots, we’re fully capable humans who have incredible power and potential.

So this week in your prayers both invite God to move in your personal situations and give you guidance what He knows you’re capable of handling.


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