Learning Success

Today I want to talk about one of the qualities that makes people successful. No, it’s not good looks or lots of money (although those seem to help). It’s the willingness to keep learning. Why is that so powerful? Because when you accept that you don’t know everything about everything and everyone, instead of being limited by the little you know, you gain the ability to be wrong, to become better, to create relationships and to connect to the abundant and ever changing world around us. Even when everyone is telling you you’re at the top of your game you’ve got the ability to grow and become more.

It’s important to be open to learning because of one of the things I just mentioned: because the world does keep changing. There’s very little that doesn’t, despite how much we might try to hold things at a standstill. So rather than hold the world back in old rules and ways that no longer support us, I believe in moving forward and learning how to live in a way that serves us all better. Ways that are as progressive and open as our technology and connected world.

Family is one of the greatest learning opportunities there is because they will question you or call you out if you make a mistake, but still love you and support you in your growth journey. It’s supposed to be a healthy atmosphere and opportunity for us to feel safe making mistakes and exploring the world, and kids are one of the best excuses we have. We can say that we’re going to the museum for them or the circus because they asked us to, but they are great opportunities for us to learn too.

Life is a journey. We aren’t born knowing everything and everyone, we’re born to make mistakes and learn lessons until we die, and some believe we’re still learning lessons after that. So take time to celebrate what you have learned this week and then get out there and learn something new!

“I still look at myself and want to improve.”  David Beckham


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