What Did You Learn Today?

There’s been a big debate around the US about student loans lately. I’ve got student loans, so do most of the people my age. If you’ve been to college there’s a good chance that you have or had student loans to pay off. Some people have made the argument for free college and are trying to get student loan debt deleted. Whether you fall on the side of free education for all or the side of requiring students to pay to learn the bottom line is the same: education matters. Thanks to the internet we’re able to access education no matter our physical location or abilities, anyone anywhere in the world with access to the internet can get an education.

Educations matter because more education and more knowledge opens the door to more opportunities. If all you know is how to care for dogs you can’t go become an accountant or create websites for a living, first you would have to learn about those things. A simple way of looking at it is what mom used to say at the table: if you don’t try it how will you know if you do/don’t like it? The same applies to life: you’re stuck where you are unless you don’t learn about it or explore it.

If you want a better future, if you want more victories in your future, if you want a better future for your children and nieces and nephews, you’re going to have to leave your little bubble and start exploring and learning. A better future wont’ be created by accident, but only by intentional actions, lessons, failures and conversations.

Challenge yourself to learn something new each day. I’m not just talking about reading a Snapple cap, I’m talking about reading a chapter from a book or listening to a TED talk. Take advantage of learning opportunities when they come your way, and pursue them on your own time too.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X


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