Living a Social Life

I believe that our relationships are the best and most challenging part of life. It’s such a gift to live in 2015 and have all of the technology that we do that connects us to practically anyone anywhere. Bringing people together is one of my biggest missions as a coach and business owner, whether parents and kids, partners, or businesses and customers. It’s when we come together that the magic happens.

One of those bits of magic is social media, specifically Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. These 4 sites and those similar have given us the ability to connect, discuss, share and contribute to lives around the globe. Other sites like YouTube and Pinterest are great too, but they don’t encourage the conversation on the level of the first 4. The ability to connect with and see the lives of my friends and family that don’t live within reasonable driving distance is such a gift. Yes, lots of us have gotten sucked into the addiction of posting selfies or sharing stuff that’s not really uplifting to share, but there’s a lot more good and a lot more potential than bad.

It’s a good reminder for our lives too: things can get taken out of context, go out of control and get taken over for not so honorable purposes without our say-so or willing participation. When this happens it’s up to us to choose to be the bigger person, to remember who we are and what we stand for, and to remember that there’s a good possibility that karma exists and will bite us in the butt if we go down the wrong road. Until Jesus comes back there will always be someone who’s not concerned about the little guy, someone who is evil, someone who is lazy, and those who don’t care who gets plowed over in their pursuit of their goals.

When we are willing to remember the bigger picture, work toward the bigger goal and accept that win-win-win situations work out better for everyone in the long run we’ve got a chance of making the world a better place for our families and the next generation.

“Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission – to make the world more open and connected.” Mark Zuckerberg


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