Choosing Potential Not Problems

One of the biggest challenges of life is one of the best things: people.  Yes, they can really mess with you or they can really bless you.  We’re all capable of being stupid as well as really helping others, sometimes it happens intentionally, other times it’s totally accidental and unplanned.  This week I replied to an email inquiry about one of my services, I replied back to them with my answer, and they told me that my answer was rude.  I certainly didn’t mean to be rude, and I honestly didn’t (and don’t) think my answer was rude.  Maybe they were having a bad day, maybe they misread my comments, maybe they just thought that I was insulting them when all I was doing was answering their question.  Regardless, we both could have stayed upset but instead took the time to communicate about and resolve the misunderstanding.

It’s almost impossible to go through life today without experiencing some hurt or heartbreak, whether it’s intentional or not.  When a hurt has occurred it’s up to us to decide if they were being intentionally mean and we need to reconsider our association with them or if it was accidental, or was even caused by our misreading of the situation and has nothing to do with them.  Regardless, in most situations I believe that it’s better to move forward with the relationship intact rather than to move backward and lose the potential of the relationship.

If we’re going to move forward with the relationship it’s important to discuss the hurt, especially if it seemed intentional, or they will forever be a distrust between the two of you rather than the solid, supportive relationship you could have.  Choosing to forgive is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. But when done you can reap some amazing benefits. I choose to forgive because we’re not perfect and everyone makes mistakes.  People who did mean things hurtfully can change too.  I don’t believe that we should give everyone free passes, especially if they’ve hurt us in the past, but if true repentance and change is shown I do believe that forgiveness should be offered, if not for them, for you so you can move on with your life.

Choose to be the bigger person this week, the one who moves forward rather than back, the one who sees potential rather than problems.

“When you get hurt, don’t let it turn you hard hearted. A soft heart heals and is able to trust the right people again.  Soft + Careful = Future.” Dr. Henry Cloud


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