Who’s Responsible for Team Victories?

Today I want to share some encouragement with you because the world can be a very challenging, and sometimes draining experience. This is one reason we’ve been talking about teamwork this month: because we’re part of a bigger team as people of faith as well as people on earth. There’s no reason for us to do everything on our own, absolutely none. It’s not a pride thing, it’s a common sense thing: why do it all when you don’t have to? Unless you can provide a serious advantage or gain significant benefits from doing it all on your own there’s no shame in saying “no”, in passing things off to others and in taking advantage of the wisdom and experience other people have to offer or contribute.

That’s not to say that you have no responsibility. The thing about a team is that you’re part of it and not only do you have people to support you, you’re there to support them too; it’s not all on them. You’re there to encourage each other and help everyone get to the finish line by putting in your own effort and contribution. If you’re not putting in your own effort you’re risking the work of the rest of the team and potentially compromising the victory you’re working towards.

So what’s my encouragement for you this week? First, don’t give up on life, your dreams or what God has called you to. Work hard to accomplish them and enjoy them when you do. Second, I believe that you are capable of just about anything you would want to work towards. We’re incredibly gifted people and with the help of the internet it seems like almost anything is possible. I believe you’re able to do more than you could ever dream, especially if you’ve got a solid team and the support and power of God behind you as you work through your journey. God hasn’t given up on you, don’t give up on yourself.

“Be strong and brave and finish this work. Don’t be afraid, because the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will help you until all the work is finished. He will not leave you.'”  I Chronicles 28:20


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