Who’s on Your Team?

This month we’ve been talking about teamwork. Teamwork is something God has called us to; He asks us to be part of the team that is the Church as well as part of the team that is making a positive contribution to the world. Part of that is knowing who to trust, who you want on your team and who to look to for leadership and wisdom on Earth. One of the biggest ways you can screw up your life is by choosing the wrong people to be on your team: people who are dangerous, into not good things or don’t have the same motivations  and goals as you. No, everyone you are friends with should not be exactly the same as you, but they should all have similar values or beliefs.

Yes, it can be exciting to connect with those who live on the edge, thrill seekers are energetic individuals, those who live life with more passion and heart. But all too often they’re more focused on where their next thrill comes from than the plans God has for them.  And always looking for the next thrill has its risks not to mention inevitable downfalls.

We also can’t avoid those who are different than us or don’t have the same values, if we do we’ll be going against God’s Great Commission calling that we’re all part of. If we don’t spend time with those who aren’t people of faith we won’t be able to share God’s message with them, will we? That doesn’t mean spending all day every day with them or doing things you don’t agree with, but it does mean you can’t ignore them or exclude them from your life.

I believe everyone is on Earth for a reason; God created all of us for a reason. None of us are purposeless or without value. But if you want a life that fulfills you the most, lets you live your purpose most and gives you the ability to fill the call of God in your life, one of the most important steps you can take is to choose the people in your life wisely.

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.” Proverbs 13:20


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