Healthy Victories

This week I’m doing a little switch and we’ll be doing our traditional Monday spiritual post on Wednesday so that I can take time to introduce our topic this month. This isn’t something I’ve really done this past year but it seems necessary to take time this month to really talk about why we’re doing this topic this month and what we’ll be talking about. Every year when I sit down to come up with the yearly and monthly topics I try to think about things that we’re dealing with in life as well as what will make us better people. When I thought about why we would be talking about this month’s topic, health, I chose it because it’s one of the things that most obviously stands in our way of achieving (more) victories in our lives.

God didn’t create us to waste our bodies or lives away but so many of us do. It’s not respectful to God or to ourselves to put in the amounts of sugar we do, to be as lazy as we are or as apathetic about our health as many of us are. We can’t deliver God’s message to the world if we don’t live long enough to fulfill our part in it.

When we make healthy choices we’re better equipped to have victories.  Health is about more than just what we eat or how often we exercise, it’s about our mental, physical, relational (social) health as well as the absence of disease, illness and unhappiness. Health includes finances, relationships, spirituality, mental, exercise, food, family, fun, and responsibility. Health is about balance, moderation, choosing what’s best for you, and choosing what’s best for the world. It’s not just about what you like but what’s good for you. It’s not just about what will get you a short-term win, but what will be best in the long-term.

Health isn’t something that you do today and don’t tomorrow, it’s a life-long commitment that you work on day-in and day-out. It’s in the little choices you make each day, in the things you choose and let go of, and in the steps you take each day to get closer to what makes you feel and look good, what fulfills you most and what will make the world a better place for the next generation.

What are your thoughts on health and what are your goals for living healthier going to be this month?


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