Moving to be Healthy

Our first topic this month is exercise. I figured we should tackle the one that gives people the most stress first. Let’s start with why exercise is important.  From weight loss, stress reduction and control, mood improvement, more energy, better sex, think better and clearer, improve your chances of success, to living longer and getting sick less exercise can make a big impact in your life, and those sound like good reasons to me! I’m not a fitness buff by any means or any stretch of the imagination but here are my thoughts on exercise.

First, do it as often as you can but don’t stress about it. Stressing about it will make it a bigger deal than it is and multiply your dislike of it. Most people need a schedule to really make exercise part of their life, and it’s certainly easier to mentally prepare for it when you’ve got it scheduled into your day.

Second, choose activities that make you happy. Yes, you could choose to do the really serious exercise routines and do really high-impact workouts, but if they don’t make you happy or you can’t drag yourself to them reasonably happy you won’t want to go which means you’ll come up with other things that are more important and not exercise.  No you won’t be able to win Ironmans or join a professional sports team or look like a model doing less high-impact exercises, but any exercise is better than none. My favorites are yoga, walking, biking and the elliptical, but you may enjoy kickboxing, running, swimming or even sports like basketball or tennis.

Third, choose to include exercise in creative ways. This is one of my favorite ways to get healthy movement into my life. I choose to park a little farther away from stores so that my car doesn’t get hit by carts, of course, but also so I get some extra walking in. Choose to do activities with your family that aren’t just sitting and eating but involve walking, swimming or other physical activities. Don’t just sit on the shore of the lake while the kids play, trade off with your partner and each get in some laps. Choose a quiet walk after dinner instead of chilling on the couch watching TV.

These are just a few really simple insights about ways you can include exercise as a part of your healthy lifestyle. What are your exercise insights?


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