The Loss of Health

When it comes to talking about health this month I would be remiss in not taking time to talk about the dark side: the lack of health, better known as sickness, illness, disorder and disease. For almost as long as we have walked on this planet there has been sickness; people of faith attribute it the fall of Adam and Eve, others just acknowledge the dark/evil and light/good that struggles for dominance in this world. Regardless of what you believe we’re stuck with it.

In 2015 we do have many more answers than we used to have about all things illness related. We’re researching causes and cures to all that ails us, with some better results on some things than others. The best news is that we’re dedicated to doing the research so that we don’t just slap a drug on it and pretend to deal with it, but to discover what causes it so we can prevent it for future generations. We’re also doing more to spread awareness and education of the conditions we’re facing, and thanks to social media we’re able to do more than ever, which means that we don’t have as many myths and misleading beliefs about conditions and are better able to understand that we are so much more than what ails us.

There are very few of us who don’t have a family member or know someone personally who is struggling with an illness or disease, so there’s more reason than ever to get involved and do what we can to encourage real research and answers to not just the things we deal with now, but to prepare for what the future could hold.

If you’re facing a lack of health take the time to really research what it could be, consult with multiple doctors and naturpaths, get connected with a support group and encourage your family to as well. If you’re not the person who is sick do what you can and support health causes you care about financially, sign petitions, sign up for walks and follow the research so you can support your friends or family in their struggle.

Death is part of life, a part of life we’re constantly resisting because we like living. There wouldn’t be much point to all that we do if we were eager to get to the death part of our lives. Choose to fight to live, choose to encourage others to do the same and choose to live healthier so your body will last longer and serve you better.


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