The Advantage of Attitude

In this month’s discussions on health it’s important to take time to talk about having a healthy attitude towards life. Yes, life will sometimes get the best of you and sometimes kick you where it counts. But not only can your attitude make a big difference, it can be the difference maker for your life. If you’ve been looking for the key to a happier, healthier, more successful life for some time this could be what you’ve been missing out on.

Attitude is often judged by considering whether you’re typically a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty person. It’s a good place to start for today’s discussion, because it indicates how you see the world. Do you see the world as a place full of opportunities and gifted people or are you hung up on the problems and believe there’s more bad than good in the world? If you’re a half-empty person I believe you’re missing out on a great deal of life today. No, having a half-full attitude won’t remove all the bad in the world, but it will give you the chance to see that there’s more to life than what’s wrong.

Your attitude might just be what does or doesn’t get you that job or client, the deciding factor in how quickly you get well when you’re sick, how many friends you have, how long your relationships last and how long you live. Attitude is so much more than the thoughts you think, it’s your outlook on life and influences how you live your life.

You may not believe that attitude, or the principles taught in the book/movie The Secret really can have an impact on life, but they can and do.  My experiences have taught me that while my attitude may not fix all my problems or cause them not to exist, a positive attitude does go a long way to helping me resolve them while still keeping my humor, soul, patience and relationships intact.  Is your attitude a help or hindrance for you?


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