Frustrations and Freedom with Food

One of the areas that we struggle most in with regards to health is eating. With the busy society we’re part of we don’t make the time to create healthy and nutritious foods for each meal, instead grabbing whatever we can scarf down in the little time we’ve allowed ourselves. I’ve always preferred the healthier foods (with the exception of sweets!) but over the past 2 years I’ve really worked to make my eating habits more strict and healthy. Sure I’m still exposed to the same foods you are ever time I go food shopping or hang out with friends, but I try to make better choices for my body.

Why? For the reason most people make changes to their lives and routines: I got sick of feeling bad and was frustrated with the symptoms my body was using to show me I needed to make changes. So I did what not everyone chooses to do and made changes to my diet and lifestyle. I made a point of researching my symptoms and issues and started taking supplements that I was missing out on in my diet and my conditions were indicating I needed. I changed my diet and now try to make healthier choices for every meal and avoid my triggers (sugars, breads, over-processed food etc.) whenever possible.

Food is such a simple thing, but it’s central to many cultures around the world. Food is what brings us together at the end of the day whether we want to be together or not. Food is the fuel for what keeps your body going and putting in junk food is like putting bad gas in the car; it might work for a while, but soon enough you’ll start to see problems, maybe even serious breakdowns. The more I work on it and think about it, the complications and challenges that arise with eating healthier are really worth it.  Healthier food tastes better, you feel better and, all unforeseen events ignored, you’ll live longer.

If you’re ready to start feeling better, take a good look at what your body is trying to tell you and start making changes. With the internet and lots of blogs with healthy recipes including mine, there’s no excuse for saying you don’t know what to eat or how to make it anymore.


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