A Healthy Relationship

It’s challenging to work towards healthy relationships because there are more than one of us making a decision about something or having influence over a decision being made. Even when I make my own decisions, I sometimes take a minute to think about my partner and how he would be influenced if I made one decision or another. When it comes to aspects of health like exercise or eating, or even success or money, you’re really not dependent on anyone else, it’s up to you to research, make decisions, take actions and follow through on stuff. It’s really not up to anyone else.

But one of the most rewarding aspects of health are relationships. I may enjoy my food at dinner or enjoy taking a walk, but it’s so much more enjoyable when my partner is around. It’s also encouraging to having him choosing to eat healthy or be fit too because then I’m not dependent completely on my own feelings or willingness to do something, I’ve got someone to support and encourage me on my journey.

I’m always thinking about the words I use, probably because I enjoy writing so much. At least 5 years ago now I realized that I don’t really like the word “relationship” because it’s been screwed up too many times and in too many ways by everyone. It doesn’t carry the weight that I believe a true relationship like my guy and I have, and it leaves much to be desired. The word that works for me is partnership. It’s a clear dual-commitment from both of us to work on what we have together, to communicate about it and to support each other when we need it most; even if we can’t reciprocate at that time or in the same exact way that they’re supporting us.

A relationship, a partnership, is an opportunity for us to partner with the person we’re romantically connected with in such a way that it improves many aspects of our life and theirs too. All the lessons and experiences I’ve had have shown me that it’s worth it when you’re both committed to making the partnership work and you have enough in common to make it worth it and enjoyable. It’s not always easy, but I’m thankful for it.

What healthy thing will you do with your partner this weekend?


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