The Blessing of Health

We’ve reached the end of another month. I’ve had moments of challenge with our topic of health this month, as well as some good victories. To finish off the month I wanted to share a bit of what’s known as a benediction with you . A benediction is a blessing pronounced on someone or a group of people.  It’s something that was typically done at the end of church services, although now some churches end with a song or prayer rather than a spoken blessing.

Health is something that should definitely be seen as a blessing, but not as a curse when it’s lost.  So as this month ends I wanted to make sure we ended on a positive note, because more often than not we are blessed with good health. Sure we’ll have the occasional cold, bruise or headache, but the majority of the time we don’t even notice how healthy we are because it’s not something we usually think about unless we’re having issues. It’s one thing that we should be able to add most days to our list of things we’re thankful for.

So as we close out this month here is my benediction to you: “Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours!” 1 Samuel 25:6

It’s a simple benediction and prayer, but contains some really big wishes. As you look forward to the remaining 4 months of the year, to school starting back up, businesses racing towards Christmas and goals for the year trying to be met, I encourage you to take time to celebrate your good health and the life you’ve been given, because every day truly is a gift whether we make the time to see it or not.


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