Lots to Learn

This month we’ll be talking about a very relevant topic for many people: learning. With school starting up or having already started for another school year it’s appropriate for us to spend some time this month talking about education and learning. Before you get the cold chills or start having nightmares, don’t worry, going back to school for education is very low on my list. I’ve found that I benefit much more from hands-on experience or learning on my own time, and not from a rigid educational structure. Yes, I did get my degree, but I can’t say I use much of it in my daily work. I use a lot more of what I learned in jobs, books, educational talks and in life experience. So while I don’t subscribe much to traditional educational methods, I do think it’s really important to learn.

I take time every day to learn, in the form of the hundred plus newsletters I’ve subscribed to, the books I read, the advertisements I see and conversations I hear in passing. Life is one big learning opportunity if we’re open to it. The rate at which the world is changing and growing thanks to technology means that if you’re not spending time learning each day you’ll soon fall behind, which can be a big risk for your health, your finances and your career success.

We’ll never be able to learn everything, and I want to make it very clear that I don’t know everything, and will never ever claim to! There’s simply too much out there to be able to make that claim. You can know a subject inside and out, but to claim you know “everything” is crazy and impossible.

So this month we’ll be taking a look at some lessons that celebrities, world leaders and others have learned that we’ll be able to learn something from too and apply to our lives. Let’s take advantage of what they’ve learned so that we can not make the same mistakes or continue in a journey that they found very rewarding.


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