United in Prayer

This week students around the USA are meeting at the flagpole of their schools for See You At The Pole.  Since 1990 students have been meeting every September near the start of the school year to pray for the school, each other, the nation and the world.  This year’s theme is about being united, as inspired by Acts 1:14: “They all met together and were constantly united in prayer.”

It’s an important theme for several reasons and one that should encourage us all, no matter what age we are.  One of the key aspects of the Christian faith has always been meeting together, whether in small groups or in churches and other large groups.  The spiritual leaders have always recognized that it’s a lot easier to stay true to your faith if you’re with others whose beliefs line up with yours, and better to go through the challenges of life with people who can encourage you in both matters of life and faith rather than just one or the other.  It’s one reason that AA chooses to meet frequently in groups: they know that when you are supported by others who have been through what you’re going through it’s much easier to deal with life’s challenges.

The theme of unity is an interesting one, because there is so little that we are truly unified over in 2015.  In many ways we’re blessed to be able to show and live our individuality to the world, but in other ways it means that we have less and less in common with other people.  Which is another reason why it’s so important that we continue to meet together in all contexts, not just those of faith.  With all the awesome technology we have it’s easier than ever to be connected, but it’s up to us to take that step and join or start a group.

The final and core aspect of this theme is prayer.  Prayer is something that should be part of our daily lives individually, but also our lives in a group context.  Prayer isn’t (just) about having God hear your needs, but about hearing and praying for the needs of others, which is why See You At the Pole and other prayer meetings each day, week, and year are so important.  How else will you know the prayers and requests of others if you don’t connect with them?

So this week I encourage you to reach out and join some groups that you can grow personally and spiritually in and spend some time praying for the students.  They face many of the same challenges each generation has faced in school in the past, but they also face some new ones and can always benefit from a few extra prayers or thoughts said on their behalf.


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