One Thing

October is often the time that we feel things speeding up, in a race to get to December 31st.  We rush through summer to get to school, through September and October to get to Halloween, almost bypassing Thanksgiving to speed on to Christmas and Hanukkah, and then tripping towards New Years Eve and all those resolutions we never keep.  So yes, my advice to you is, as always, to take time to enjoy the moments around you.  Take at least 5 minutes each day for reflection, another 5 for time in nature and 5 to be alone.  Just taking those 15 minutes each day can help you appreciate today and not just think about and move towards the future.

But what I really wanted to share with you today are 5 questions I encourage you to work on this month before things get really crazy.  They’re questions that you can work on a little at a time each day and be able to see some really great transformations in your life.  They will also help you enjoy the last 3 months of the year better and create a better foundation for the new year (no resolutions required).  I have one more thought to add, but here are the questions:

What one relationship do you most need to repair?
What one relationship do you most need to establish or improve?
What one thing do you most need to learn?
What one habit do you most need to break?
What one contribution would you most like to make?

So what’s great about these questions?  They remind you to break down what could be a monumental task into much more manageable pieces.  Yes, you probably need to work on all your relationships, but what is one that needs the most work, or that you could make a difference in today?  You may want to learn how to cook, so what is one thing you can do today to start accomplishing that goal?  We all have things in our lives that need stopping or fixing, so which one do you want to focus on and what’s one thing you can do today to start?  Finally, with every day you’re making a contribution with your life.  Each moment is part of that contribution, it’s not just about the big things.  So what’s one thing you can do today that you will be proud of years from now?

Choose just one area of your life that you most want transformation in and get started on it this weekend.


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