Overcoming Fears Part 1

It’s not easy to face our fears, they are fears for a reason after all.  But things like a fear of bugs, heights or public speaking are things that we can usually safely face and work on overcoming or at least lessen our fears of.  It’s not usually a good idea to face your fears with someone who can’t help you through the inevitable panic attack or can’t understand on any level the fear you have, you need someone there who can help support you through it and help you to release some of the fear you have.

If we agree that many fears are in place for a reason we first need to remember why would we bother to try to overcome our fears in the first place: because fears can hold us back like nothing else can. When we’re scared of the opinions of others and how they’ll judge us or scared of something that we could run into on a regular basis like heights or small spaces it limits our lives, and living a limited life means we can’t truly thrive or fulfill our dreams.  So today and Friday I’ll be sharing some insights into overcoming our fears so that we can begin to thrive and fulfill our dreams.

When considering whether you have a fear that you should work on overcoming the first question to answer is about whether or not it’s an irrational fear like being afraid that the Tasmanian Tiger will take over the world; an animal that all evidence points to being extinct.  Some fears are exactly like that: they don’t really have a base in reality as far as anyone else can see.  If there’s no base in reality, it’s not something you can really do anything about, you can’t face and overcome something that doesn’t seem to exist.

Last week we talked about revealing the truth behind things that scare us, and while your fear of a Tasmanian Tiger takeover could be exactly and only that, your fear might not really be about an extinct animal, but is actually based in an attack you experienced as a kid by a dog that looked a lot like the Tasmanian Tiger that you had coincidentally learned about that week in school. No, not everything is that easily understood or connected or remembered, and just because you can see the rationale behind the fear doesn’t mean it will go away.  But it does give you a starting point to understanding what’s behind the proverbial black curtain and overcoming it.

What fears do you have that may seem irrational to other people?

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