Victories through the Quiet

Every week I send out a newsletter about creating victories. Why? Because that’s what most of us want, right? We want more victories in our lives. The challenge is that there are many obstacles to creating those victories.  Sometimes we don’t know where to start, sometimes we don’t think we have the resources to get it done, sometimes we’re so busy being busy that we don’t do what really needs to be done and other times it seems like the world just conspires to keep us from making the victories happen.

We pray that God does stuff or tells us what to do or sends the right things and people into our lives to make those victories happen but nothing seems to happen. I think part of that is because we’re not stopping to let God have a word in edgewise. We’re so busy pushing our needs and how we think things need to happen, and so used to living at the speed of light in the world that we’ve forgotten that sometimes to get the answers we need and make the victories happen we have to stop and be quiet.

Being quiet doesn’t seem like a place to start if you want to make victories. But sometimes the best thing we can do is to just stop and see God. Sometimes that’s a re-centering with our heart and soul, sometimes that’s seeing what God is doing in little and big ways around the world that we’re not involved in, sometimes it’s stopping to clarify why we’re on the hamster wheel, sometimes it’s make sure we’re going where we want to go, and sometimes it’s stopping to let God do His thing.

If you’re in need of a victory this week (and who isn’t?!) take time today to stop and see what’s going on around you that you’re missing and what God is trying to tell you that you’re missing out on.

“I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.”  Psalm 62:1


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