Thankful for Mercy

Thanksgiving is coming closer and closer! It’s one of my favorite days to celebrate because you’ve got family, friends, food and football plus the chance to talk about all the awesome ways you’ve been blessed over the past year.  As I was thinking about it this weekend it got me thinking about what we’re usually thankful for.  When we give thanks we’re not usually expressing gratitude over things that didn’t happen, at least not for very long.  You may think a little ‘thank you’ when you pass a cop and he doesn’t pull you over for speeding but that’s the extent of it, you don’t remember it after that.  We’re grateful for the misses in our lives but what we’re really grateful for are the good things that happen like raises at work, babies being born and being healthy.

But let’s face it, we’re not perfect and every moment is not a good one.  We’ve make plenty of failures and mistakes each day, things that sometimes we get caught doing and other times we are able to fix before they become big issues.  And while we may forget the not-so-great things we’ve done and near misses we’ve had, God doesn’t.  He sees and remembers each and every thing that we do both good and bad.  So in reality, the biggest thing we have to be thankful for this year and every year on Thanksgiving is for God’s forgiveness in our lives for all the ways we’ve screwed up or let Him down.

This Thanksgiving I encourage you to take time, whether together with friends and family or alone, and really take stock of your life this past year.  Remember the not so good things as well as the blessings, think about how you can improve to finish 2015 strong and how you can conquer the new year like never before, and thank God for remembering you, forgiving you, and loving you even through the not-so-perfect moments.

“How kind the Lord is! How good he is! So merciful, this God of ours!” Psalm 116:5


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