Single This Season

This week as I was listening to the radio the personality started talking about being single in the holiday season and how she was actually excited about it. Typically we talk about dealing with the holidays when you’re single from the perspective of being lonely and wishing you had someone to celebrate with, it’s what people talk about whether it’s the holiday season or not: we like to be with others. Don’t get me wrong, the holidays and life in general is better when spent with people you love. But the radio personality reminded me that there are benefits to being single. So today I thought I’d share some of her insights and some related reflections.

One thing she mentioned was that when you’re single there’s no one else to check with about their interests and schedule and try to coordinate things, or at the very least that there’s one less person to coordinate with. This is something that people who don’t enjoy most of the same things as their partner, especially at the holiday season, can identify with. For example your partner may enjoy watching all manner of Christmas movies on TV 24/7 during the holidays and you’d rather not see more than one or two on Christmas Eve. Decision making isn’t easy when we’re alone let alone when we’ve got other people’s preferences to take into account.

The other thing that stood out to me was that she said she was doing things that she wouldn’t have done if she had a partner. This is one of the biggest mistakes couples (and people in general) make. If you’re with someone you should want to do things with them and live your life to the fullest with them. You shouldn’t limit your life so much that you’re not fulfilled anymore just because you have a partner. If your partner is limiting your life you should think about whether you’re being honest with them about what you need or if you’re just dealing with it so they stay with you.

The holidays, and life as a whole, are meant to be enjoyed. Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship you should be living a fulfilling life. If that’s not the case I encourage you to choose to put more life into each and every day.


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