Are You Haunted by 3 Ghosts?

Today is week 2 in our look at Charles Dickens’ Scrooge. Last week we talked about the first impressions we make on people, and the first impression that everyone got when they met Scrooge at the beginning of the story. Today we’re moving on to the turning point in the story, Scrooge’s interactions with the ghost of Marley.

Marley was Scrooge’s business partner, and he was just as unfeeling and tight-fisted as Scrooge when it came to money and humanity. According to the story after he died he found out the consequences of his actions-that he was to forever carry around chains that were representations of his cruelty and lack of compassion. He appears to Scrooge to let him know about a last-ditch effort the universe is making to turn him and his life around so that he doesn’t end up like Marley with chains after he dies. Scrooge is shaken by his interaction with Marley, and of course of Marley’s promise of 3 ghosts yet to come, but while he may go to bed a little wary, it’s a good thing that Marley was only the first ghost because Scrooge clearly didn’t get it.

We experience these scares in our lives, sometimes they’re the possibility of a test coming back with a bad result, talk of layoffs at work, bad grades our kids get, car accidents or other things that remind us just how mortal we are. The question is how serious will we take them? Will we register them but mostly brush them off like Scrooge or will that little warning be enough to get us moving in the right direction and taking the action that needs to happen to get our life going in the right direction? How many warnings will it take you to realize exactly what’s wrong in your life? Don’t ignore the feelings or signs that you’re seeing, pay attention before you have to see your version of 3 ghosts.


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