The People of Christmas

It’s our second week in the look at the story of the birth of Jesus, the story that many believe Christmas originated from and is the reason why they celebrate every December 25th. Today we’re taking a look at something that’s central throughout just about every story there is about Jesus: people. From the very beginning of the Christmas story as told in the book of Matthew we’re introduced to the people who came before Jesus. It’s an incredible whos-who list of men and women throughout the Old Testament who through birth or marriage make up the lineage that leads to Mary and Joseph and to Jesus. It’s a great reminder for all of us that none of us are here without others coming before us.

But that’s not where the story ends. No, from the very beginning of the Christmas story as told in Matthew and Luke we get intimately involved in people’s lives. We learn about a woman who’s barren, a guy who questions if God can work miracles, a woman who’s a virgin, a guy who doesn’t like messes, people who travel great distances following rumors and stories, those who spend a lot of time in the cold and up late at night and even some of the things that other-worldy beings are called to do. We often know these types of details today about people because they’re all over social media sharing tons of personal stuff that in years past would be considered information best kept private. But back then this wasn’t information you usually shared with the world, although I suppose there have always been people who were different that people talked about, and we all do have our very own story even if most people aren’t privy to the majority of the details.

As much as the Christmas story is about Jesus, it’s really also about all the people He touched before, during and after his life on earth. Jesus isn’t about conquering the world, being known by everyone, instilling fear in everyone over his power or any of the other things most people who have ambitions of world domination have or want. Jesus was and always will be about the people. He wants to know each of our stories, to know the things that make us tick and we are passionate about. He wants to know our stories because He truly cares about us. And He knows that no matter what the rest of the world says we’re each very different people with very different stories, no matter how similar we may look.

So as you go about your life this week with the hustling and bustling you plan to do, I encourage you to think about whether or not you’re as people-focused as Jesus or if you’re only centered on yourself because you’re who the story is about after all.


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