The Three Ghosts of Christmas

We’ve reached week 3 in our discussion on the story of Scrooge as told by Charles Dickens, there’s only one more week until Christmas! Today we’re going to talk about the great ghost experience! I’ve always been fascinated with the idea that there’s more to life than just what we see here. As a person of faith I believe there is and science is proving every day that there is more than just what you or I see, hear or feel, and that there’s a ton that we don’t know yet about this life. Scrooge clearly was not a believer, even after seeing Marley’s ghost. But after meeting with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, he becomes a believer. What did the ghosts do that convinced Scrooge and may teach us too?

First the ghosts revealed they knew him.  We’re creatures of habit no matter how much we may deny it or how much we may say that we’re trying new things or making strides in our lives. Scrooge may have enjoyed the trip through memory lane and may have even been entertained by what his present world showed, but it turned out that Scrooge didn’t like what the ghosts saw as his future.

Second, they did what many people do today: used the past and present to anticipate or predict the future Scrooge would have.  Maybe that doesn’t sound scary to you, but as TV shows like Beyond Scared Straight (A&E TV) go to show, when you’re faced with your seemingly inevitable future things get real fast.

Finally, they got him to see the reality of the situation.  When you’re faced with the serious diagnosis, when you’re forced to face your financial situation, when you’re forced to own up to how you’ve been living your life it can be scary.  When there’s no more room to run and hide you have to either change or face the consequences.  Scrooge’s dead partner Marley ended up facing the consequences, and at the end of the third ghost Scrooge is pleading for the chance to change.

So what about you?  Should you be looking at some serious coal in your stocking this Christmas based on how you’ve been living your life in the past and present?  Are you in need of a reality check from your very own Ghost of Christmas future?  I encourage you to take time as you wrap gifts this weekend to consider what your future holds.


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