The Questions of Christmas

With less than a week until Christmas today we’re taking our third look at the Christmas story and the questions of Christmas. The whole Christmas story is full of questions. From start to finish everyone was asking lots of questions, and still today we’re asking questions about the Biblical Christmas story. What’s so important about questions?

Questions are the key that help us understand the world around us and figure out what decisions are the right ones for us. Of all the questions asked it’s interesting to note that Zechariah was the only one who really received backlash for asking. In most cases the questions were answered in kindness and details. Mary and Joseph asked how this situation could come to pass and were given the encouragement that what would happen was exactly what God wanted for each of them. The shepherds and the wisemen all asked about the treasure they were being sent to and were given the guidance to get there. So what was different about Zechariah’s questions and what can we learn about the questions we ask in our lives?

One of the big differences between Zechariah’s questions and those of the other people were that Zechariah was looking for a guarantee that what he had been told would come to pass, as opposed to the others asking for help to understand what seemed to be an impossibility or something very unlikely. There are very few guarantees in life (death, taxes, change) so asking for a guarantee isn’t the best question to ask usually. It’s much better to ask for help in putting together a plan, understanding your role in things, or questions that will move you forward rather than, especially in this case, trying to one-up God.

This Christmas and as this year comes to a close you probably have questions. Don’t be discouraged by them or the challenges in your life, take time to ask lots of questions that will help bring clarity to your situation and options for the future.


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