Christmas Future

With Christmas just a few days away we’re taking one last look at the story of Scrooge. Over the last 3 Fridays we’ve looked at who Scrooge was when the story opened, the presence of the first ghost, the journey with the 3 ghosts and today we’re taking a look at the result of the 4 ghosts’ visits. As a result of the visits of the ghosts Scrooge changed his life. He started financially and emotionally supporting the community, became a family man and turned ‘bah humbug’ into ‘Merry Christmas’ all year long. Not everyone is able to make as drastic a change that Scrooge did, but we can all find encouragement and hope that we too don’t have to end up a sorry, lonely soul in the grave.

If you’re realizing that your past and present aren’t lining up for the future you want, the holiday season is a great time to turn over a new leaf. Take time during the parties and family gatherings to apologize and start making things right with those you’ve wronged in the past. Bring gifts that show you really care about people and aren’t just getting a gift because you’re socially obligated or want to make people’s lives miserable or get a laugh at their expense. And donate to charities and support the changes that need to happen so that we can all live in a healthier, happier world.

A better future starts the instant you realize how your past and present really look. Scrooge didn’t see anything wrong with his life initially because he didn’t understand how different (and wrong) he was versus the rest of the world. Scrooge had lots of great skills that he could use to benefit the community, but until the ghosts he was only using them to benefit himself. Scrooge didn’t have to find a new job or move to a new place just to create a better future. All he had to do was realize how his actions and attitudes were affecting the world around him. I encourage you to take a similar look at your life in these last few days of the year and see what you should change for the new year.


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