Christmas Miracles

Christmas day so we’re taking another look at the Christmas story for this year. Today I wanted to focus on what the Christmas story really is: a miracle.  We may jokingly celebrate parking spaces and kid’s good behavior as “miracles” but the Christmas story is a real miracle that goes beyond something that blesses you for the next few minutes or hours.  The choice that God made to send His son to earth so that He could eventually die for our sins is nothing short of miraculous.  There’s been nothing done before or since then that can even come close to how big that gift was.  So as we celebrate Christmas I want us to reflect on the miracles in our lives and the miracles yet to come.  So what are miracles?

Miracles are a fulfillment of hope.
Miracles are these really awesome surprises and things that we really hope will happen but often aren’t likely to happen.  We most often hear about miracles in connection with healings or other really big things that come through for us that we didn’t think possible like the money for rent that month or a better position at work.  Miracles are a reminder that God hasn’t forgotten us and doesn’t want the world to be only a miserable place filled with miserable people.

Miracles begin with you.
The Christmas story is a reminder that often miracles happen through people.  God could have just sent Jesus down to earth and let Him take over but instead He chose to go with something more normal and sent him as a baby which made it that much more of a miraculous happening.  God can use any of us to do miracles, it’s up to us to be open to facilitating them as Mary, Joseph and Elizabeth were.

Miracles bring joy.
Christmas is all about bringing joy and hope to those around you, and there is no better place to find that hope and joy than through a relationship with God.  The first Christmas may have been 2000 years ago, but that doesn’t change the need for miracles today, that people are still used by God and that there are still miracles, joy and hope to be found even in this world that we live in that often seems so hopeless.

This Christmas I encourage you to look for, share and be part of the miracles happening all around the world, and don’t be afraid to ask God for a miracle if you need one, too.


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