Reality Reflection: Rushing

This year we’ll be doing some things differently, on the family and business blog on Mondays I’ll be sharing some reflections about being thankful, and every Friday here we’ll be taking a look at a topic that is challenging, frustrating or part of the world we live in.  If you have topics you want to discuss feel free to add them in the comments below the post.

Today we’ll be starting with a topic that may not be as frustrating for you now that the new year is here and the holidays are over with but you’ll probably still be able to remember those nightmare moments.  Do you spend what seems like every moment of the day rushing from one thing to the next?  So far behind that you know you’ll never be on time or get it all in? If that’s the case why do you rush anyway?

One of my biggest challenges when it comes to being in a rush is with regards to cars.  I do my best to not ever be in a rush, car or not, always trying to plan ahead of time and make sure I’ve got plenty of time to take care of things properly, but with the way that some people drive and park you would think they’re late for a meeting with a respected world leader or 10 seconds away from having a baby.   Since both of those are less likely than not for most people (especially at a food store) you have to wonder why.

What will those extra 10 seconds of rushing to the line of cars waiting at the red light buy you?  What will complaining about the time it takes to checkout do for you?  What will being pushy and panicked get you?  Often the answer is simply nothing except 10 seconds of waiting somewhere else, but sometimes it ends up resulting in big damages, hurt relationships and high blood pressure.  My partner and I have lively discussions about those extra 10 seconds, and while we have yet to see eye to eye on them, we do agree that one way or the other you’re waiting.

This week I challenge you to think about your rushing and whether or not it’s really necessary to rush or if slowing down just a little bit will get you to the same place with less stress and frustration.


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