A Full-Life Legacy

Only 2 more weeks in this month and our discussion on creating a legacy.  Today I wanted to talk about something that challenges people of faith as well as those who are legacy-conscious.  Often I hear from people who think the only way to share about their faith is to use terms like God, Jesus, saved, believe, forgiveness, church, Bible etc.  However, that’s not the only way to share faith, nor is it usually the easiest way to speak to those who aren’t religious in your early conversations with them.  Instead, by following the command of Jesus to “love one another” it’s much easier to make a connection and begin a relationship with someone outside of the faith circle.  It’s not a “wrong” way to do it, Jesus suggested it after all, and yes, sometimes the right thing to do is to just dive into a “spiritual” conversation.  But other times the best way to share about who Jesus really was is to set a good example, one of love.

Thinking about this brings up the options of creating a legacy. Thus far this month we’ve talked about creating an intentional legacy, like doing lots of painting in hopes of being remembered as a painter.  Your legacy doesn’t have to be pursued in exclusion of making a bigger impact on the world though.  So many people who have left legacies have also left a legacy of destruction as well.  I’m not talking about someone like Hitler or Jack the Ripper, but countless people who have created a legacy but left their families penniless or never could hold onto a relationship or were known for being a jerk and treating others in their life as ‘lesser beings.’

The goal of creating a legacy is as much about being remembered as it is about making the world a better place.  I don’t know if Hitler’s real goal was to be known as the evil man he’s remembered to be.  Maybe it was.  But just because your goal is world domination doesn’t mean that your goal can’t be world domination with the goal of creating a (honestly) much better world.  Your legacy is more than just what you’re hoping it will be, it’s everything you have a hand in during your life.  What full-life legacy are you creating?

“I’ve always thought about my legacy – more so, though, my impact off the field and how I’m helping my community and solidifying and strengthening the lives of others around me. And also, I just want to be a dominant football player, too. So it encompasses everything.”  Larry Fitzgerald


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