An Opportunity to Love

As mentioned on Monday this month we’ll be talking about love. It’s a topic that is overrated, overused and underrated and underused all at the same time. Some people (whether they’re in a relationship or not) dread the month of February every time it rolls around. To some extent I can understand this, the commercialization and sappiness is enough to make a person crazy. But that’s not what love is really about or why I celebrate it whenever I can. Love is an amazing, precious gift that should be shared and welcomed at every possible opportunity, which is why I’m excited to dive into it for yet another month.

Today I wanted to talk a little about what love is and why it matters. At its very essence love is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for us to reach out and show the people we share this world with that we care. Just because it’s that simple it doesn’t mean it’s always easy, after all it’s not easy to love murderers or those who say mean things about us or hurt us in other ways. Love is an opportunity in those situations to show those people that we’re bigger than the petty words and actions they thrive on.

One of the best things about love is that it’s an anytime, anywhere, anyone thing. It doesn’t matter if you know the person or not, or if you are physically close to them or if they’re across the planet, or if your love will be reciprocated. Love can be done without reason or expectation of compensation or return, and the other person doesn’t even have to know that you’re the one loving them. Love can be shown by supporting a missionary who goes to help families in Africa. Love can be shown by donating canned goods at the food store. Love can be shown by taking a minute to call your partner when they aren’t expecting it and you know they’ve got a tough day or have been having a tough week. Love can be shown in a million and more ways at anytime and anywhere.

Don’t wait for the right moment, what ways will you choose to show love today?

“If there is a day to act on the Love in your soul it is today, it is this moment.”  Mike Dolan


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