Do You Believe in Love?

There are a lot of topics that go together with love. Last Monday we talked about forgiveness and today I want to talk about one that is the very core of love: belief. There is no love without belief. Love isn’t tangible so you can’t touch it, you can’t measure or count it in any scientific way, and if you don’t believe you’re in love or that someone loves you, can love exist? If you don’t believe in love you won’t be open to receiving it, won’t accept the power it can have in your life, won’t see it in the world around you every day and can’t share it with anyone.

As people of faith we’re called to share about our belief in God with those we come in contact with. Sometimes we use words to share our belief, and other times we use our actions and don’t verbally attribute it to our faith to those around. Love is the same way: it has to be shared, it’s not designed to be kept to yourself. Maybe you remember as a kid having a crush on a boy or girl in your class. As hard as you tried to keep it a secret pretty soon at least a couple people knew because you kept looking at your crush or doing other things that made it obvious. Love isn’t a solitary thing, it’s meant to be shared so it can grow.  Love thrives in the company of others.

But before love can be shared, the totality of what it is and what it could be has to be believed in. No, you don’t have to believe that everyone should have 70 year marriages or even that you could have that kind of love relationship that everyone remembers. But you do have to believe that love exists, that you’re worthy of love, that others are worthy of love, and that when we love together it can thrive in ways that it never would when we’re alone. Do you believe in love?

“I believed in God, so I spoke.”  2 Corinthians 4:13


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